Custom Critter Sitters

In-Your-Home Overnight Pet Sitting
in Austin, Texas

All animals deserve a positive experience. We offer custom pet sitting tailored to your pet's needs & routine! Peace of mind at home will help you enjoy your vacation MORE! With over 15 years of experience, we are accustomed to making your pets our number ONE priority! Get the most from your pet sitter! Hire a dedicated professional pet sitter; your pets deserve it!


Overnight Sleepover

$60 per overnight, includes one (1) pet*  (for each pet beyond one, add $20 per day)

Includes care of your domestic animals in your home.  A typical overnight sleepover consists of two meal times for your pets (usually dinner & breakfast the following morning)!  Our overnight sleepover is a popular and all-inclusive service which includes all of the services below:


We will prepare your wet and/or dry food and provide fresh water for your pets daily per your instructions.  Administering basic medications, treats and vitamins are included in this service.  A typical overnight sleepover consists of two meal times for your pets (usually dinner & breakfast the following morning).

-Mail & Newspaper Pickup

Mail and newspaper retrieval daily, if needed.

-Trash Takeout

We will take your trash & recycle bin(s) to the curb on your designated trash day and retrieve once dumped.

-Watering Greenery

We will water all plants and gardens per your instructions.  Please note that extensive (hand) watering may be subject to additional fees.​

​Note: A one-time $25 Holiday Fee will be added to stays over major travel holidays such as: New Year's Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day. 

Additional Note: Overnights begin in the late afternoon or evening on the day you depart for your trip, and typically end by 10am on the day you return to Austin - similar to a hotel schedule. If you require care to start earlier or end later on those days, "extension" charge(s) can be added to the standard overnight charge. Don't understand? Don't hesitate to ask for a quote. Costs are important and can add up fast. We get it.

Exercise (an add on service for overnights)

 $15 per walk

We will run or walk your pets together for up to 30 minutes daily.  Happy to work with you if your pet requires additional exercise time.  Please note: We adhere to the Austin Pets Alive dog walking policy - we will not walk your dog(s) in the Austin heat above 85 degrees. This is for the safety of your dog in the Texas heat!

Stop-by Visits

 $35 per visit

Stop-by visits can include all of the services above, but no overnight sleepover.  Usually this service is limited to 30-45 minutes per visit.  Stop-by visits can be very problematic for pets who aren't accustomed to this very minimal routine. Typically cats adapt better to this minimal routine better than dogs. 


Traveling soon? Click below to send us an email - be sure to include your travel dates, name, phone, neighborhood, number of pets and care needs.

About Us


We are a fully insured pet sitting service LLC located in Austin, Texas, USA.  We offer all-inclusive pet sitting & house sitting. Our experience includes care for reptiles, birds, goats, chickens, dogs and cats.  Other animals will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you know your travel dates – book us early!

Owner, Yvonne M. Feltman:

I consider myself a professional pet sitter because I have over 15 years of pet sitting experience.  I began house sitting as a hobby in college and over the years it has grown into a true passion and a rewarding business.  I take great pride in ensuring the care of your property and pets while you are away.  I truly enjoy caring for animals and providing them with a positive experience.  I believe that all animals deserve to be adored and treated well.

Because house sitting & pet sitting is a very personal service, I feel you should know some personal details about me as well: 

I have been around animals most of my life beginning with two Norwegian Elkhounds we had when I was a child. I have had a couple of awesome cats (Joyce lived for 21 years!), fish, a hamster and a sugar glider in the past. I had a little Miniature Pinscher named Jiminey Cricket for ten years; He was the love of my life.

I was born in Dallas, Texas but I spent most of my life in Albuquerque, New Mexico. I moved here to Austin in 2013.  I studied English and Psychology while earning a Bachelor's Degree from UNM. I recently earned a Masters Degree at Texas A&M. I have spent a majority of my career in administrative roles supporting high-level executives. For several years I owned a successful pet sitting side-business in Albuquerque which I sold when I moved to Austin. I am currently completing the process to become an independently licensed therapist so I can open my own private therapy practice.

I have excellent pet sitting references of which I’d be happy to furnish.  Animals are not my whole life, but they make my life whole!

Our Pet Sitters:

In an effort to expand our reach and to connect other great caregivers with your deserving pets, Custom Critter Sitters sometimes uses independent contractors we call "helpers".  These individuals are screened, reference checked and background checked prior to serving you and your pets. When using one of our helpers, you will first be provided a meeting with the individual who is to provide your service.  With nothing less than excellence and integrity as our goal, we are confident our helpers embody this and more.


The comments below are clipped from past and present Rover, Nextdoor, Facebook, Google, and Trusted Housesitters.  

Yvonne did a fantastic job house sitting with our 3 babies (2 dogs, 1 cat) for a week. Exceptional communication, care for our babies, and respect for the house, which was in spotless condition when we returned home. Most importantly, it was clear all of our pets were safe, and felt loved while we were gone as they were relaxed and stress free when we returned to our home! This was also evident from the photos and updates she shared with us throughout our time away. Yvonne is truly a gem! She also helped with a few packages/deliveries etc. while we were away and left us a lovely welcome home note/report card recapping her stay, which was incredibly thoughtful. We feel fortunate to have found her, and had her stay our home caring for our babies. She did such a terrific job that we’ll absolutely ask her to stay again! - Jessica C.

Yvonne is a great pet sitter, very professional, was always in touch giving us updates on our fur baby. We had to leave our dog when she was a little under the weather as she had an encounter with a skunk the night before we left which made her very sick and stinky. Yvonne new just what to do. When we came home we found a very happy puppy. We will book Yvonne next time we need a pet sitter. Thank you Yvonne. - Karen H.

Fantastic job! Yvonne updated us with great walks and photos. She took immaculate care of our four animals as well as home. We would love to have her again anytime. One of the best sitters we have had thus far. - Daniel A.

Custom Critter Sitters is amazing! We had to take a trip when our puppy was just 10 weeks and couldn't take him with us. Yvonne came and stayed at our house and took care of our pup and home while we were away. From the initial phone call, I got a great vibe from Yvonne and then during the meet-and-greet, I knew our pup would be in gentle, loving hands. She sent me pictures every day, and I'm pretty sure they played the whole time we were gone. I couldn't have asked for a better pet sitter!  - Jocelyn E.

Yvonne was available to stay with my standard poodle, Georgia, at the last minute when we had other plans fall through. She even adjusted her work schedule to accommodate our plans as we had a very early flight and knew that Georgia would need a potty break fairly early in the day. Yvonne stayed in our home for the weekend and even took Georgia to her favorite dog park for an outing. We got photos and updates throughout the weekend, which was a relief, as this was our first time leaving her with anyone that wasn't family. I highly recommend Yvonne for dog sitting--she is responsible, responsive, and obviously has a way with animals. - April M.

Due to our hectic jobs and, at times, very long working hours, we needed a plan A, B, & C to make sure our pups were always taken care of and in the very best hands when we can't be there. We found Yvonne completely by happen-chance (random online search), and wow do we feel like we hit the jackpot!!!! We were nervous & skeptical at first, but Yvonne was 100% professional and offered full disclosure about her experience, etc from the start. She provided a list of diverse references (I contacted all of them and they all gave absolutely glowing reviews!), the meet and greet went great, and she went above and beyond from day one in understanding what our needs are and how to carry them out so everyone had a great experience (our dogs require critical meds, one has special physical needs, they both have multi-day walking requirements, both use food puzzles, and they're basically 2 spoiled dogs with a strong tendency towards diva-ness). And, most important, it was evident from day 1 that CoCo and Casper LOVE her! They gravitate towards her and I could tell they genuinely enjoy just being around her. We've used Yvonne multiple times now and her level of professionalism and the respect/care she shows our furbabes and our home is absolutely top notch. Yvonne has made us believers that in-home care is the right option for us, and we feel so incredibly thankful for her. If you're looking for someone in Austin, no need to look any further - Yvonne is amazing and we're so incredibly grateful she calls ATX home, too!!!  - Antonetta A.

Yvonne has been a fantastic pet sitter and house sitter for us for the past several years. She always gives our many animals the love & care they deserve while we are on vacations or short trips. We have 2 mini-goats & 3 chickens (yes in the middle of the city), many fish, and 2 small dogs. She takes care of all of their various feeding routines, and makes sure they have fresh water (she even washes their bowls). She probably takes better care of our animals than we do, now that we are parents of real human children. The dogs cry for her when they hear her car pull up in our driveway. That's how often we use her and how much they love her. We highly recommend her & 100% trust her in our home. - Kellie T.

Trustworthy, accommodating & friendly to both us and our pets. Yvonne ran her own house/pet sitting service in her previous hometown of Albuquerque, and she is quite the pro, able to handle everything from our elderly (15) year old lab with medications, to our "middle aged" yet still a puppy at heart lab, to our 1.5 year old Shih-Tsu that's named Dumdum for a reason. You can relax and enjoy your trip with Yvonne keeping the livestock at home well cared for.  - Evan P.

I am very satisfied with Yvonne's services. She was wonderful with my 2 dogs. She came over before my trip to learn how to dress Daniel's foot. She did a great job! The house looked great when I got home. She kept me informed about the dogs. I felt very comfortable leaving the dogs with her while I was gone. I would highly recommend her. Thanks for loving my dogs, Yvonne!  - Kathy L.

Yvonne was a great sitter for Onyx. She is very thorough in her interview questions to make sure she can learn as much as possible about your animal and how you prefer the animal to be cared for in your absence. Onyx was on medicine from a spine injury and Yvonne took great care in playing with Onyx and making sure she was happy without risk of more injuries and made sure she had her daily medications and walks as prescribed. Already planning to book her for another stay. - Robin H.

Yvonne is the best sitter you could ask for. Our 3 yr old baby boy Winston who we rescued a yr ago had a very hard and abusive life with his former owners. He is a very sweet and loving boy but very sensitive as well. Yvonne took care of him as if he was her own. Winston loved her and Yvonne was so wonderful and sweet with him. We told her that we sometimes howl with Winston and she sent us a video while we were away of her getting down on the floor and howling with him as well as many updates and pictures of our little boy. She also went out in the yard with him when it was dark and he had to do his business because he is scared of the dark. Winston was very happy with Yvonne and we were ecstatic with her as well. Yvonne took great care of our little boy and our house. We fell in love with her from our initial interview. She is a very sweet and loving person and good luck finding anyone who loves dogs more than Yvonne. Many dog sitters say they will take good care of your dog but we have found that to be lip service as the others we used it was obvious didn't take good care of our precious little boy. If you are looking for someone who will love and treat your dog as well as you do , then look no further than Yvonne. She is the sweetest, friendliest and most loving person and your dog will lick you to the high heavens for hiring her. We will use her everytime we go away. We have tried the rest , but in Yvonne we have found the best. Thank you again Yvonne for taking such great care of our little Winston. - Shawn K.

Yvonne was the perfect pet sitter for our cat! We were out of town for a little over a week and received periodic pictures and updates on how she was doing. We came home to a happy and calm cat and we had a relaxing trip knowing that Yvonne was here with her!  - Amanda W.

I leave for long stretches without a care in the world. I know my beloved pets are in the best hands. She has stayed with us three times and now I wouldn't consider using anyone else. Dogs (multiple), fish, even chickens. She cared for and loves on them all. - Kelly R.

Yvonne provides the BEST service anyone can ask for. We had 3 dogs, each with the own issues (i.e. one was a frail senior, the other is scared of everything, & the other is hyper/crazy all the time) & she cared for them as we do. They were all happy to be with her, & we are just as happy. I've never had ALL 3 of my babies love someone as her, especially my scared boy. Please use Yvonne, she is truly the best.  - Chris K.

Yvonne has taken care of my pets since 2014 and I trust her head and shoulders above anyone else! She has a great understanding of animals and is genuinely excited to see them! She is great with "special needs" pets who may require medicine or extra care. She also does stop by visits, which is purr-fect for my kitty when I'm out of town. When I return he is in a great mood and I am reassured that someone is also popping by to check on my place and bring the mail inside. Yvonne is a very kind, trustworthy and genuine individual. She sends me pics and updates each day, and tells me the mood of kitty too. It's nice to hear that he's being playful or hear a video of his meow while I'm away. Most importantly, animals are at ease while under her care. - Marie M.

Yvonne is first and foremost an animal lover. She WILL make sure your animal comes first! She is experienced, knowledgeable, professional, kind, and wraps it all up with a wonderful sense of humor. Look no further for your pet sitting etc. You have found your destination.  - Bonnie B.

You couldn't find a more reliable and loving person to leave what's very important to you, your pet and your home. - Linda O.

Yvonne was a wonderful dog sitter for our two chihuahua fur babies! My only complaint...I think they loved her more than me! - Cynthia H.

You won't find a more reliable, caring and conscientious person than Custom Critter Sitter owner Yvonne. Your pets are in very good hands! - Chris R.

She is the best!!! A very responsible caring person who has great respect for those she is taking care of!!!  - Marcus C.

I have known Yvonne for 17 years, and she is one of the most trustworthy and dependable people I've ever worked with and known. She takes excellent care of pets and houses, and you will be assured that you're leaving your furry family members in capable, caring hands. I highly recommend Yvonne Feltman as a house- and pet-sitter.  - Donna R.

I was a client of Yvonne's "Abode Attendants" company in ABQ, NM. I used Abode to provide monthly checks on my vacation home while I was gone. Yvonne is very professional, thorough and trustworthy. She always provided regular status reports - with photos of any potential problems. I really lucked-out finding her!  - Jeff R.

Yvonne is conscientious, loving, patient, responsible, hard working, She has very high standards and always, always goes the extra mile. She does what she says she'll do. She loves animals. She is also funny and fun.  - Penny T.

Yvonne provided excellent pet and house sitting services for us over a 2 year period. She's personable, well-organized, and took good care of our two small dogs.  - Trish S.

Yvonne is extremely competent and friendly. I would (and do) trust her completely in my home. She has stayed in our house for up to 2 weeks and handled everything that arose with efficiency and competence.  - Mark B.

Yvonne Feltman has taken care of our pets (2 dogs and 1 cat) and home for over 2 years. She is absolutely the best, and I can give her the highest recommendation in every respect!  - Charlsa B.

Yvonne is the perfect someone to love and care for your pets as you would when you're away from home.  - Cory H.

Yvonne is the best pet and house sitter there is. Period. She places your pets above all else, providing them with love, care and affection - probably more than they've ever been subjected to before! She's so good she can even be trusted to look after her ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's dogs. That is to say she's chill and compassionate and responsible with a good sense of humor and will take excellent care of your pets and property alike.  - Aaron H.

I have known Yvonne for many years, she is 100% trustworthy and dedicated. Her attention to detail is impeccable. She has a genuine love of animals that translates into prioritizing the happiness of your pets. HIGHLY recommend!!  - Mike H.

**Don't hesitate to request a list of references you can contact prior to booking us. Having confidence and trust in your pet sitter paves the path for a positive experience for all.**

If you know your travel dates, book early!